About Me

Hello everybody! My name is Connor Fernberg and I am the creator/editor/blogger of this site. I decided to create this website so I could share my wonderful combat sports opinion with my friends, as well as the rest of the world, who share my level of enthusiasm or would like to learn a little more about the world of mixed martial arts.

Not only do I love the sport of mixed martial arts and other combat sports, like boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I have actually done a few years of training within those three disciplines that I mentioned before. Now, I am not a professional combat sports athlete, but I do believe that the years of training have granted me a certain amount of knowledge that allows me to share that knowledge and opinions when I have one.

Where that knowledge gives me the ability to see specific techniques in a fight, I am still not an expert and most of the content I put out will mostly be analysis and speculation. I look forward to pumping out content as the sport continues to grow and more promotions emerge to the forefront.