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For my Webby Award Winner review, I chose to look at the Cummins & Partners website, This website was a People’s Voice winner of the 2019 Webby Award for the best user experience. In my opinion, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and unique designs that is also mobile-friendly, along with minimal accessibility or user experience limitations.

Opening video on Cummins & Partners’ home page.

The first page of the Cummins & Partners’ website is their landing page and home page. The website has an interesting design because the video above is the first thing that can be seen on the company’s landing page, which shows examples of what the company does and what makes them so unique. The top-left corner of the home page has the company’s logo and the top-right corner has a drop-down menu option in order to easily access the other pages on the website. Continuing down the home page, there is a mission statement that states: “We have a history of taking brands, giving them vision and making them market leaders, viral sensations, culturally relevant, even part of the vernacular…”. Below their mission statement, they say that what makes them so successful is independent thinking, which leads the user to a “What Is Independent Thinking?” button that takes them from the home page to the About page.

Down farther on the landing/home page shows examples of what different advertisement campaigns they have helped their clients with. Examples of these include Jeep, Asis, Specsavers, and Gippsland Dairy, as well as more examples that displayed on the Work page. Lastly, they present the user with the logos of all the companies that they have partnered with.

At the very bottom of every page, there is an opportunity for the user to click on a link to any of the website’s pages, as well as links to all of the company’s social media pages.

In the drop-down menu, the About page is the second option on the list. The top of the page says, “There is nothing more valuable than independent thinking”, which is the reason Cummins & Partners is much different. Also, the company claims that, “Businesses need independent trusted advisors that are willing to tell them the truth”. On their About page, they also include what their company offers and their management team.

Next, the Work page provides examples and links to every advertising campaign that they have done for their clients. At the top of the page, the highlight their latest work, which was “Priceless Eyes” for Specsavers.

The fourth page of the Cummins & Partners website was the News Page. The purpose of this page presents the user with links to stories that discuss the company’s partnerships with their client companies and what the two companies hope to accomplish. An example is the news that “FCA Australia re-appoints Cummins & Partners to Jeep, Fiat and Alfa Romeo”.

After the News page, the company has a Culture page that reveals what they have done to become such a successful company. At the beginning of the page, it states that “Culture is everything”, which shows the work itself is not the sole focus for the company and the company’s culture is extremely important. Also, the page states that they key to building a successful company with a good culture is, “Hire great people who also happen to be really great at what they do”. Cummins & Partners presents its users with an email to contact if they are interested in a career with the company on the page as well. Lastly, the page shows the viewers the benefits and unique opportunities for the employees of the company, as shown in the video below.

The Benefits and Unique Opportunities For Employees

The last page on the website is the company’s Contact page, which gives its users a chance to contact Cummins & Partners directly depending on the user’s location. As shown in the picture to the left, the company has three offices across two continents but is one network. This page also directs its users to the address, phone number, and email of the Melbourne, Sydney, and New York locations.

Another great feature about the Cummins & Partners’ website is that it is mobile-friendly as well. One of the limitations of viewing it on a cellphone browser is that the website is slightly less interactive on a smaller screen. An example of this is the video towards the top of my review is not accessible on the mobile version of the website. One good adjustment the mobile-friendly website makes is the viewing is more vertical, rather than the horizontal display on a computer or laptop screen. Overall, it is almost the same experience on a mobile-friendly version but it does lose some of its interactive aspects during the transition to a smaller screen.

For a website that won an award for its user experience in 2019, running the website through Wave Web Aim tool found that there are still errors in its design and accessibility. As a result of this accessibility tool, it found that there are ten errors alone on the home page, four of which are due to missing alternative text and another four are due to empty links. Even an award-winning website can still miss certain accessibility features that could help user experience.

As I mentioned earlier, the Cummins & Partners website has an extremely fascinating and unique design that appeals to me and should appeal to anyone who visits the website. The website’s use of visuals make up most of the design and content creation, as well as the use of text to go along with each of the their visual elements. Also, I feel as though this website is widely accessible to most, but with most of their website design relying on visual cues it would be tough for people that are visually-impaired to navigate through the site. Plus, the website’s intended audience is more than likely potential clients that are interested in what Cummins & Partners can offer to grow their brand.

After reviewing this website, it has given me a lot of insight on what I could possibly do with my very own website. I would love to add more visual aspects, whether it is video or photos, to my website when I get the chance. On the other hand, I would not model my website after Cummins & Partners’ because our messages are very different, but I would not mind the company helping me build my brand and my website to its maximum potential.

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